• 3-Position Presser Foot for the DDL-9000C

The 3-position presser foot holder for the DDL-9000C is an optional attachment that allows for the quick change over of presser feet. This innovative device allows for quick change over between different shaped presser feet making the DDL-9000C even more versatile. Used in combination with the saved sewing profiles means a single machine can change from standard lockstitch sewing to zipper attachment in a matter of seconds.

3 position presser foot

This device is perfectly suited for smaller productions or prototyping rooms with a limited number of lockstitch machines. Under normal conditions to switch presser feet involves manual removal of a foot using a screwdriver and then installation on a new one. If you need multiple feet at different stages during a garment, it could mean repeating this multiple times. With the 3-position presser foot holder you can switch between feet in a matter of seconds, saving you time.

In in large scale or fast past production the advantages of the device are clear – wasted time is reduced and productivity increased even for the most skilled operators.

DDL-9000C Turret Presser Foot

For more information:

  • Daniel Nowak

  • d.nowak@juki.pl

  • +48 22 545 0447

  • Mr. Daniel Nowak is the Sales Manager responsible for all spart parts and device sales in Juki Central Europe. Mr. Nowak is the in-house expert for all Juki Genuine parts and optional devices for our full machine line up. If you have any questions regarding these products please get in contact and he will be able to help you in your purchasing decision.


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