• 8th Baltic Fashion and Textile: Riga 2019
Baltic fashion and textile riga 2019 sewing machines

Baltic Fashion and Textile is a great place to meet new business partners in the Baltic States, which have a competitive fashion and textile industry with the promising perspectives for development. With more than 236 participants from 26 foreign countries presenting fashion and style, textile, home textile and raw materials, leather, fur and technologies in several exhibition halls of Latvian Exhibition Kipsala International Exhibition Centre it is sure to have something for you. Juki Central Europe will be present alongside SIA Godex and SIA SRD to present both our industrial and household machine offer.

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For the industrial machines we will be presenting a JUKI new solutions for business. JaNets, which is Juki Advanced Network Systems prepared as a new solution for sewing industry which requires more and more digitalization. This software system in combination with its complementary hardware allows for unrivaled real-time tracking and monitoring of a production process. Giving management the tools they need to be proactive instead of reactive. As a manufacturer, visibility, performance and predictability are key to your success. With JaNets you can meet the challenges of reducing cycle times, increasing productivity and delivering greater quality at a lower cost. Improving the effectiveness of your production you can elevate beyond your competition. JaNets is the software solution for manufactures seeking a proactive environment that enables real time improvement.

Juki offers an extensive line of industrial sewing machines for the apparel industry -- ranging from Lockstitch, Overlock and Coverstitch machines, to electronic bartackers and automated sewing systems. Our machines have also become renowned in the non-apparel sector, supplying such industries as automotive, upholstery, marine, industrial fabrics, leather products and home textiles. As well as our extensive range of high quality industrial sewing machines Juki produce machines for the semi-professional and home-use market with our home sewers and sergers establishing themselves as some of the most popular and reliable in the market.

The household section will be presenting a variety of machines from beginner models to the more advanced F-Series machines. All visitors to Baltic Fashion and Textile Riga are invited to the Juki booth twice daily to participate in these workshops and try out our sewing machines for themselves. Juki staff will provide material, sewing tips and if need step by step guidance to help you craft something special to take home. No matter your sewing experience or interest we will have something on show for you.

This year’s special treat is a lottery competition that we will be holding during the fair, so visit us at our booth and don’t miss the chance to win a JUKI sewing machine!

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If you would like to make an appointment with Juki staff during this exhibition, please get in contact with us through the contact portal on this website.


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