• A Portrait of Ms. Anna Sławińska

Anna Sławińska - a quilter, teacher,  trained engineer and owner of the first School of Patchwork in Poland. Her school was founded in 2013 and is also a member of Polish Patchwork Association. 
She has led over 150 quilt courses and trained over 350 students alongside the best Polish quilters whom are also teaching in the School of Patchwork.
She has been quilting for over 35 years and has taken part in seven individual and even more collective exhibitions at home and abroad. Her quilts took first place in quilting contests organized by Strima (2011) and Lucznik (2013). In August 2016 her quilt "Trifid Nebula" was exposed during the biggest quilting exhibition in Europe - Birmingham - in the category of Fine Art Quilt Masters.

Her favourite quilting trend is "artistic trend", and her favourite techniques are "confetti" and "stitch and slash". Using these techniques she can achieve a "painting" texture on her quilts using only fabrics. She likes to experiment with fabrics and is fascinated with recycling art. She has created her authors technique called "laciaki" ("patches") - this is her way of giving a new life to old clothes. 
She has been learning to paint since 2011 and has always liked to sew copies of paintings created by famous painters: Paul Klee, Mark Rothko, Ton Schulten and Jerzy Nowosielski. She has also started to sew her paintings as a new way of expressing herself. Anna Sławińska started a charitable project “Serce od serca” (“Heart from heart”) in September 2018 which consists of sewing heart-shaped pillows to support the rehabilitation of women after mastectomy. Such cushions are sewn in different countries, but in Poland were completely unknown. The project has grown enormously in a very short time.

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At the beginning she started with only friends and family but now many people all over the Poland are involved. Today the project has coordinators in 10 provinces in Poland meaning that in the past 3 months over 3,000 pillows have been sewn throughout Poland. The needs are very big, because every year around 9,000 women in Poland are undergoing surgery for breast cancer. More information you can find on a website www.serceodserca.pl and a fan page https://www.facebook.com/projektserceodserca/.

This year we asked Ms. Sławińska to make a beautiful quilt inspired by the origins of our company to celebrate 80 year since the inception of Juki in Japan. We wanted something special in our office and the result of this cooperation were so impressive we decided to use the design in our yearly company calendars.

If you are interested to get to know Anna Sławińska little more, we invite you to check below websites:
Blog of Anna Sławińska 
Official website of Anna Sławińska

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