• AMS-210EN-1510-X90015

The AMS-210EN-1510-X90015 and AMS-210EN-1510-X90015-ECO are Juki's new computer controlled cycle sewing machines with a full rotary, 3-fold capacity hook. It is perfectly suited for the sewing of automotive seat belts, safty harnesses as well as a range of leather goods.

Ams juki seat belt sewing large hook machine
Advantages of 3-Fold Capacity Hook

Reduces the frequency of the bobbin thread replacement, enhancing efficiency while sewing thick thread

Helps achieve high quality, soft-textured seams which are vital on leather goods

Bobbin case lever can be positioned vertically or horizontally allowing for accurate positioning of the bobbin in-line with the needle count 

Suited for Seat belt and leather goods production

Ams full rotary hook for seat belt production
Simpler Solution with Big Results

This new AMS comes in an economical sub-class that delivers the same seam quality but with reduced machine features. The ECO version also has the 3-fold capacity hook for the sewing of thick thread. The ECO version of the machine is not provided with the IP420 but rather uses a simpler panel normally seen in the Juki LK-1900 Series. The differences between the standard AMS-210EN-1510-X90015 and the AMS-210EN-1510-X90015-ECO are:

Spec table
Ams eco type for seat belt production

If you are interested in this machine or would like some additional information please get in contact with us or with an offical Juki distrobutor. The AMS-210EN-1510-X90015 and AMS-210EN-1510-X90015-ECO are available now on all European markets.

For more information:

  • Maciej Hawieńczyk

  • m.hawienczyk@juki.pl

  • +48 22 545 04 55

  • Mr. Maciej Hawieńczyk is a Sales Manager in Juki Central Europe and is responsible for the company’s sales operations in the Polish market. Mr. Hawieńczyk is the in-house expert for Juki Non-Apparel solutions and our Juki Advanced Network System (JaNets). If you have any questions regarding this products please get in contact and he will be able to help you in your purchasing decision.



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