• Automatic Thread Trimmer – A Timeless Feature

In February 1969 JUKI released the industrial sewing machine DDL-555-2 equipped with the very first automatic thread trimmer. This mechanism was adopted immediately by manufactures globally, helping JUKI gain its No. 1 position in the industrial sewing machine market.

How does an automatic thread trimming mechanism work? How does this function influence a factories work environment to this day?

Lockstitch machines with a thread trimmer finish sewing (partially or in full) with automatically trimming the thread. The operator does not have to stop the flow of work to change direction of sewing or to cut the thread. The use of additional tools like scissors are no longer needed – saving time and removing room for human error. Nowadays use of this function is common place and helps facilitate ease of work and results in a number of benefits not only for the operator but for the factory as a whole.

Juki ddl 555 2 first thread trimmer
Increased Productivity

The increase to productivity for the entire production line can be up to 20% - of course depending on the operator, type of sewing process and material to be sewn. By comparing and analyzing the operation between a regular lockstitch machine and one with a thread trimmer, a clear difference in the processing time is seen.

Easier Operation

Any user is immediately able to operate a machine with a thread trimmer at his/her own pace. The soft skills needed to manually trim thread with a scissors and maintain a high working place are completely avoided by removing this step. This also reduces the risk of mistakes or damage to material, which potentially cost time and money. Operators can get into a work ‘flow’ without the needing to constantly stop the sewing operation to pick up a sissors and trim the thread manually.

Thread trimmer juki industrial sewing machine
Reduced Hassles

An automatic thread trimmer demonstrates immutable performance since it is rarely affected by the thread count or thread tension. It helps to prevent breaks and breakdowns which can directly contribute to reduced productivity. This in combination with the removal of a manual step in a seam operation leads to overall less work for every operator.

Just Some of the Current Juki Line-Up Utilising An Automatic Thread Trimmer

Today we think about automatic thread trimmer as a simple function but when you look closer you can see that this mechanism influences the work of many people, and has drastically changed the way companies sew today. Vital machine features for a sewing operator are ease of maintenance, high speed, minimal failures and consistent operation. For managers a general aim is increasing production, standing out from a competitors and achieving higher results to earn more money. With JUKI machines equipped with an automatic thread trimming mechanism they have it all. Technology invented almost fifty years ago is still used across the industry and while it is no longer the innovation it once was it is still a remarkable step forward for industrial sewing.

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