Production Management Consultations

Production Management Consultations

A production management expert from the Juki Sewing Institute visits a customer's factory, investigates and analyses the factory operations and offers appropriate suggestions for improving the productivity. To glean the most benefit or to just find out more information about our consulting services please contact Juki Central Europe. The typical areas our production management expert will investigate include:

  • Operation Analysis

    Research and analysis of the actual operation time in terms of the number of work hours compared to the actual time operations are conducted. This ratio of operation hours to work hours allows the expert to see the down-time in a given factory and from that make suggestions for improvement.

  • Process Analysis

    This is a method of analysing the flow of work (materials; parts; operations) through examining the actual order of the process to get an understanding of the process as a whole.

  • Motion Study

    The actions of each part of the operator's body, including their hands, feet, eyes etc. while working are analysed in detail so that any useless action can be eliminated. Combining or rearranging the order of an operator actions can drastically improve productivity. As a result the motion study appropriate machinery should be designed, thereby providing the foundations for the time study.

  • Time Study

    Based on the action study, the elements of a certain item of work are identified, the order of the elements of work are determined, are the time required to carry out each element of work is calculated. Determining the time required to manufacture a product from start to finish is quite important information for the management of any factory.

  • Synchronization

    To establish a successful work flow in a production system, the workload allocated to each worker should be spread evenly so that products are produced at a consistent speed. Synchronization in the division of labour is therefore essential.

  • Layout

    This analysis looks at achieving the most effective arrangement of plants, machinery and equipment possible in any given factory. Also taken into account in this study is the minimization of the manufacturing costs through feeding the materials and parts at the highest possible speed and minimizing the transfer work between processes. This is from the point of view of overall production: from acceptance of the materials to delivery of the finished products.


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