• JaNets Deep Dive Series: Line Balancing

JaNets is a shop floor control system like no other. It allows for data collection on all aspects of your sewing floor to a level not possible with other systems currently available on the market. Sewing machines in a line or shop floor can be interlinked to provide data on all aspects of the production. With this data a factory can see where its production is being held up, highlight operators underperforming, target machines with reoccurring issues - with the goal of improving the overall effectiveness. If a factory can see exactly how they operate from start to finish and have a clear view of their short comings it allows for process improvements and data based decision making.
This write up is part of our JaNets Deep Dive Series, giving you bite size chunks of the world most advanced shop floor control system. With so many features it is not possible to put all information in one place - this time we will be looking at Line Balancing.

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The Best Decision Every Time

One of the key features of JaNets is a function called Line Balancing – this is the process by which JaNets examines a production floor and automatically suggests the best operators for a particular operation. This selection process take a multitude of different factors into account when compiling a suggestion, such as – wage cost, effect on efficiency, operators history with a particular operation or machine. These are all weight against each other in a fraction of a second and the output is a simple suggestion of what operators is best suited to the operation at hand - that will keep costs down and efficiency up.

Line Balancing

This video gives a very quick overview of how the Line Balancing fucntion of would be used in a factry that is using JaNets.

The line balancing tool is used in situations where a production line becomes ‘unbalanced’ – for example an operators is out sick or a machine is down for maintenance. In these cases, there is an external issue that is leaving a gap in the normal production day. JaNets is linked to all machines on the sewing floor and as such highlights this issues to management.

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Let JaNets Do The Thinking

The line balancing tool uses complicated algorithms to work out different possible solutions to a highlight issue.
JaNets is consistently measuring efficiency (by operator, by job, by line) and it predicts the effect of highlight problems. Taking all the data mentioned above it can show management what the cost (to productivity as well as financially) a particular issue will cause. With this it is then able to use machine learning to offer proposals to minimize or negate the cost.
If an operator is absent or a machine has a major failure JaNets graphically shows the predicted productivity v’s target, highlighting to the manager the potential issue. It can then offer solutions to ‘balance’ a line by analyzing other operators performance and suggest whom would be most suited to move and make up the difference on the effected line. With the historical operator performance data it can even suggest the best time of day to do this so that other lines are not negatively affected. If there is no suitable operator to help out then JaNets can also suggest the best person to stay and workover time – showing the estimated additional labor cost.
All of this allows management to deal with issue before it becomes a problem.

The end result is that a line manager or factory manager can use the line balancing tool in JaNets to make the best decision every time. It allows them to see all different possible scenarios and suggest the solution that delivers the best result at the lowest cost



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  • Mr. Maciej Hawieńczyk is a Sales Manager in Juki Central Europe and is responsible for the company’s sales operations in the Polish market. Mr. Hawieńczyk is the in-house expert for Juki Non-Apparel solutions and our Juki Advanced Network System (JaNets). If you have any questions regarding this products please get in contact and he will be able to help you in your purchasing decision.


JaNets combines CGS’s industry leading BlueCherry Shop Floor Control solution to offer an integrated, best-of-breed IoT-based production-floor system.


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