• JaNets Deep Dive: Targeting Lost Time

JaNets is a shop floor control system like no other. It allows for data collection on all aspects of your sewing floor to a level not possible with other systems currently available on the market. Sewing machines in a line or shop floor can be interlinked to provide data on all aspects of the production. With this data a factory can see where its production is being held up, highlight operators underperforming, target machines with reoccurring issues - with the goal of improving the overall effectiveness. If a factory can see exactly how they operate from start to finish and have a clear view of their short comings it allows for process improvements and data based decision making.
This write up is part of our JaNets Deep Dive Series, giving you bite size chunks of the world most advanced shop floor control system. With so many features it is not possible to put all information in one place - this time we will be looking at how JaNets reduces a factories unproductive time.

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Make Money All the Time

Lost or wasted time is a fact of life whether it is at home or work. In a production facility every wasted minute can be quantified, every unexpected stoppage to a machine or operator results in increased costs and reduced productivity. With JaNets a factory can see how their time is used and clearly measure where productive time is lost. Once a business has sight of this JaNets works to reduce this non-productive time so that a sewing line can work as intended. It is not possible to completely eliminate wasted time in a production cycle; unseen circumstances will mean a machine is not working, operators can call in sick, but with JaNets these events effects can be minimized and their knock on repercussions proactively tackled.

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Clock In

With JaNets operators clock in and out for their shift directly at the sewing machine. Long ques and wasted time at clock out stations are completely eliminated by simply having this single feature. The common issue of operators leaving their stations early to travel to and clock out at the end of the shift is also removed at both lunch and end of shift. The accountability of operators to be ready to work on time and not simply on site has drastic effects on the productive hours in a day.

Factory at Your Figure Tips

In our digital age instant communication is the norm and it should be no different in a sewing factory. Huge amounts of time are lost in all production types trying to get the right information to the right people in a timely manner. With JaNets, communication is effortless and instantaneous - message to line mangers or technicians reporting a machine issue can be dealt with in a matter of minutes. Not only are issues highlighted quicker but key decision makers are informed with all the data they need to make better calls for a line or factory as a whole.

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Problem Visibility

As JaNets monitors the entire production process it allows managers to see when something in the process is off. If an operator is idle when they should be sewing the system can highlight this and the root cause assessed. Whether this is due to lack of material or poor line balancing (which we talked about in a previous deep-dive) management have a reason for the stoppage. With this, they can take the immediate action to get the operator back to work and also have the data needed to adjust or change a process that is causing delays - a new working flow that maximizes sewing time, smaller cut bundles so there fewer stoppages. JaNets shows where and why a factories current process is losing productive time.

These different functions by themselves lead to small decreases in the total time a factory loses from a production day. But when used in combination they can target and reduce nearly all wasted time possible for a sewing factory. The final element of JaNets which works to maximize production hours is process change and operator motivations. Through JaNets terminals, operators can see their targets for particular bundle - how many units they must complete and in how much time - they also have view of the their overall efficiency for the shift. This data is available for management but also the individual operators - they can see that any unnecessary delays will affect their overall efficiency, they are motivated to highlight and resolve issues quickly so their efficiency scores are not negatively affected. They are more accountable for lost time at the beginning, lunch or end of a shift and will return to work with fewer delays. Issues and stoppages to sewing lines are unavoidable but the minimization of wasted time by itself can lead to drastic improvements on a factories overall efficiency and productivity.

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