The new Smart Filter Line - SFL-2000 Series - has been developed in cooperation with some of the industry’s leading companies - Job Group, ACG Kinna Automatic and Juki. Job Group, a high-tech industrial company with decades of knowledge in filtration and technical textiles provided the industry insights needed for some of the innovations seen in the SFL-2000. ACG Kinna Automatic, whom have extensive experience in the automation of textile lines, provided the solutions that make this series of machines truly unique. Final Juki ,with 80 years of experience in joining solutions and innovation that leads the textile industry, has provide the core technology finishing the filter bags in the SFL-2000.


The automat is broken into 5 sections combining to give a world first - fully automatic filter bag production. The first section houses the media rolls and a unique solution for joining two rolls of media together without slowing down the production. This then leads into a compensator which feeds enough material that the machine will not need to slow down further down the line. A steel brush is used to prepare certain special materials for welding during the feeding process. The next section ensures the filter tube is to the correct diameter and joins it together forming the tube. Depending of the option selected joining can be carried out by sewing, welding or a combination of both. The joining process will be based on your production requirements and the media being used. The final section allows printing directly on the filter bag and cutting to the required length. On the key advantages of the SFL-2000 is the flexibility to provides the production process. Not only can you change the type of media easily but you can also change the joining seams swapping in and out sewing or welding as needed.

If you are interested in this machine or would like to find out some more infromation please get in contact with a memeber of the Juki Central Europe sales team today. If you would like to see the machine catalgoue for the JEUX-SFL-2000 Series please click here.


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