• Juki and JULIUS-K9®: Leading The Way In Harnesses

Julius-K9® is the one of the worlds leading dog harness manufactures sold and used globally. They have been in business since 1997 and have gone from strength to strength over the years making them the world number one in their industry. We here in Juki are very proud of our customers whom excel at what they do, pushing their respective industries forward with the help of Juki industrial sewing machine technology. Julius-K9® are the embodiment of this, utilizing Juki machines in their journey to the forefront of this industry. Here you can read a bit about Julius-K9® as well as a short interview with Gyula Sebő, the manager of the company.


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Humble Beginnings to Global Powerhouse

History of Julius-K9® company begins with the establishment of Julius Export 2000 Bt. as a family enterprise in 1997. First demands for their harnesses come from police units with service dogs in their local Hungarian market. The first products (muzzles, leashes etc.) are supplied to Austrian and Hungarian companies and authorities. In 1998 the company was still in its very early stages and only cooperated with 9 suppliers globally.

From 2000, dog trainer centers of the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior in Strebensdorf and Bad Kreuzen start to utilize several Julius-K9® products on a regular basis, including K9-Powerharness®. Julius-K9® then started to expand its product offer and began to manufacture and develop bulletproof and puncture resistant equipment. This development of their product portfolio meant more heavy duty Juki industrial machines had to be incorporated into their production.

By 2004 Julius-K9® were suppling almost all of Europe with their products. The entire development, manufacturing and logistics process is managed through a family enterprise in Hungary, with the cooperation of several employees and subcontractors. Only 6 years later the Julius-K9® brand representatives operate in 21 countries and the brand has become one of Europe’s largest dog equipment manufacturers.  Sales in African, the Middle East, South and Central American countries began to increase by 2010 put them on track to be the company they are today.


Work and Fun

Julius-K9® products had their beginnings as a specialty product for working dogs in the military or police forces but over the years they have found a home with domestic dogs. Still today, service dogs are a big part of the companies focus but the quality and utility of the harnesses and leads has meant that they are extremely popular no with owners whom want the best for their animal. The harnesses provide an extremely important function for millions of working dogs and our invaluable to the thousands of service dogs that use them daily. You can see the Julius-K9® products in use all over the world on dogs keeping us safe in police or military rolls as well as assisting the differently abled. Julius-K9®'s products are tailored as much for the dog handler as for the dogs themselves. Through the use of trademarked designs, top quality materials and of course Juki sewing machines, they are creating products that are as comfortable for the dog as they are useful for the handlers.

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A Word From The Boss

The cooperation between Juki and Julius-K9® dates back many years. Our partner company has been supplying the whole world with its quality dog equipment for over 20 years, during which time it has sold almost 10 million items worldwide. As the figures suggest, the company needs reliable sewing machines to remain in the forefront of the market. We ask Gyula Sebő, the manager of the company about his experiences concerning the cooperation with Juki and our industrial swing machines.


How did you get started in this industry?
Initially, I gained experience as a leatherworker and I worked for years at the Neizer saddle-making workshop as a saddler apprentice. We had to work with thick leather, both by hand and machine. This period highlighted for me the beauty and difficulty of working with strong, durable materials.

Had you had any experience with sewing or sewing machines before starting Julius-K9®?
When we started to manufacture dog harnesses, we had to find massive, powerful machines right at the beginning - not only due to the steadily increasing order volume, but also because the structure of the product and of course our pursuit of perfection required a high-level, smooth manufacturing process.

Your product portfolio has grown a lot since 1997; how have your machinery needs changed over that time?
It is important to note that we are not only a dog-friendly workplace - even though we are. Julius-K9® is a people-oriented business for dogs. We strive to provide the best possible working conditions for our employees in every respect, including of course the provision of good working equipment. We have worked hard to create uniform working conditions and we want to provide machines of the same strength and speed for everyone.

What Juki machines are you currently using? Why these models?
Over the years, we have tried to develop our machinery to make it suitable for manufacturing thick bags, military equipment and military technological tools in addition to dog equipment.
We use the following machines:
•    Flat-bed sewing machines: 127
•    Cylinder-bed sewing machines: 49
•    1-needle lockstitch machines: 30

Why is Juki your brand of choice for sewing machines?
An important factor for us is the expertise and flexibility of the representation, and of course we are also pleased that it is relatively close to us. Overall, the quality of Juki machines is reassuring and we are confident that we can strengthen each other's work for a long time.

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If you would like more information on Julius K-9 or find out where to buy their products you can visit their website here.


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