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Juki Central Europe will take part in the Innotrans exhibition for the the first time this September in Messe Berlin. Showcasing just some of our solutions for the production of transport interiors this exhibition cant be missed. This page will give you a brief overview what you can expect at the exhibition and some useful information about getting the the Messe as well as how to get a free entry pass from Juki Central Europe.

Juki will be bring a limited number of specially selected machines just for the scoop of transport interiors and more specifically for seating production. On our booth at Innotrans we will have:

The new LU digital is at the forefront of sewing machine technology and this flatbed lockstitch machine has ben completely digitalized. All parameters of the machine which are normally manually adjusted can now be programed via the intuitive touch screen interface. As parameters such as stitch length, thread tension, type of plate movement and more are digitalized it allows your production to make adjustments to just one machine on a line and all the data can be copied over via USB or the Juki Smart App.

This post bed sewing machine is vital in the production of transport seating. A reliable heavy-duty post bed is needed for the top stitching process and the PLC 2700 Series delivers it every time. With a top sewing speed of 2,500sti/min it is able to handle even the most demanding of factory demands. The presser-foots alternating vertical movement mechanism prevents irregular stitches from occurring even when sewing difficult shapes often seen on seats.

Juki's ASM210EN Series is the famous computer controlled cycle machine that is capable of sewing a multitude of different products. Pre-programed sewing data marks out what is needed on an X and Y-axis, delivering perfect results and a faster speed than what is possible manually. This machine can be used for tag/ label attachment, Velcro attachment, belts and many more areas seen in transport interiors.

This heavy-duty overlock machine has many uses seen within both train and bus interiors, from finishing of seats, carpets and even curtains.

This is Juki hot air tape boding machine cable of both apparel and non-apparel production processes. We will bring this model to Innotrans to showcase its uses in reinforcing traditional sewn seams while also making them waterproof. This increased durability in combination with water-proofing is vital for public transport interiors (both bus and rail). 

This larger sized AMS will be at Innotrans to show how design stitching can be applied to transport seating for both passenger and driver compartments.

Innotrans 2018 juki sewing machines seating

Juki Booth Location at Innotrans 2018

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