• Juki at Panicon Cosplay Event 2018
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Juki being the industry leader it is always has one eye on the current trends in respect to sewing and fashion. In recent years cosplay has gone from a relatively unknown hobby of a few people in Japan to a cornerstone theme of many gaming and media events.

Cosplay itself is the art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from fiction, animation and science fiction (especially from manga). Cosplay, like Juki, has its roots in Japan and is fast becoming an industry into itself with most of these costumes being homemade using household sewing machines.

In an effort to nurture this expanding market segment Juki has taken it upon itself to help anyone interested in making his or her own costumes with our Juki sewing machines. Last month Juki sponsored Panicon – a large cosplay event held in Kaliningrad, Russia. During the two-day show there were workshops organized to help teach people how to create their own costumes and accessories.

The main highlight of Panicon was the Euro Cosplay and World Cosplay Summit of which Juki was the main sponsor. The participants went head to head showing off their costumes with the winner going on the represent Russia in the Euro Cosplay summit in London later this year.  The winner also received a Juki M-200E as a prize to help them to continue creating.
If you are a cosplayer or interesting in learning more about how Juki machines can help you create awe-inspiring costumes be sure to follow us on social media for tips and more

Main Prize Presentation at Panicon 2018
Winner of the Juki M-200E Announced
1st Place Cosplay at Panicon 2018

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