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Festival of quilts juki
Festival of Quilts 2019 - 10/10/19


Another year and another Festival of Quilts in the UK. We would like to thank all whom came to visit us, click here to read more if you missed it!

Jeux sfl 2000 series automatic filter line
New JEUX-SFL-2000 - 29/09/09


Juki Central Europe is pleased to showcase the new and improved JEUX-SFL-2000 Series being launched at this years Filtech exhibition. With a new digital machine head, new optional modules and an improved vision system makes this the most versatile automatic filter tube line in the market.

What is a smart factory sewing
What Is A Smart Factory - 15/07/19


We are now able to offer Smart Factory solutions which combine the latest sewing machine innovations with networked systems to connect a productions many different aspects.

Lz digital zig zag juki sewing machines
LZ-2210-C: Digital Zigzag Stitching Machine - 21/06/19


The LZ-2290C series has two specifications of full digital and digital. In the full digital specification, Vertical, Horizontal feeding mechanism are motorized to allow simplified parameter adjustments via the control panel.

Juki itma sewing machines
Juki At ITMA 2019 - 17/06/19


Juki will take part in the ITMA 2019 exhibition from June 20th to 27th in Barcelona. Building on the success of previous shows this year we are looking forward to welcoming once again to see the different solutions Juki has to offer your business. Juki will be in hall 3 stand D234.

Plc digital post bed sewing machine juki
Texprocess 2019 juki new sewing machines
Ams digital computer controled cycle machine juki
New Digital AMS is Here - 04/06/19


The industry leading AMS series of computer controled cycle machines have been digitalised. The AMS-221F Series has more features than any other model in its class available in the market today.

Blog juki sewing beneton
Texprocess 2019 juki new sewing machines
Texprocess Machine Groups - 29/04/19


We are currently getting everything ready for what is shaping up to be the best Texprocess ever and wanted to share some details on the machines we will be exhibiting this year. We have segmented our different machines into the follow groups allowing visitor to see them in use for practical applications.

New juki digital machines
New Digital Machines for 2019 - 21/03/19


Juki's digital machine offer now comes in zigzag stitching machines, a post-bed sewing machine, a computer controlled cycle machine and a cylinder bed sewing machine.

Juki spare parts cheap
New Juki Spare Parts Kits - 15/03/19


Juki spare parts department is pleased to offer new spare parts kits for some of our most popular models. The kits are combinations of the most used consumable parts for each of the respective machines. Ordering these kits ensures that you will have all that you need to avoid production down times and machines in working order.

Juki baltic fashion and textile
8th Baltic Fashion and Textile: Riga 2019 - 05/03/19


Baltic Fashion and Textile is a great place to meet new business partners in the Baltic States, which have a competitive fashion and textile industry with the promising perspectives for development. With more than 236 participants from 26 foreign countries presenting fashion and style, textile, home textile and raw materials, leather and technologies in Latvian Exhibition Kipsala International Exhibition Centre it is sure to have something for you.

Texprocess 2019 juki new sewing machines
Texprocess 2019: Preview - 27/02/19


May will see another Texprocess in Messe Frankfurt. This year Juki will have its largest booth ever as well as more machines exhibited than ever before. Click here to see a preview of what to expect at this years show.

Janets deep dive
JaNets Deep Dive Series: Eliminating Wasted Time - 25/02/19


This write up is part of our JaNets Deep Dive Series, giving you bite size chunks of the world most advanced shop floor control system. With so many features it is not possible to put all information in one place - this time we will be looking at how JaNets can eliminate wasted time during a production process.

Work wear reflective tape sewing glueing
Simple Reflective Tape Attachment - 20/02/19


Juki's line-up of press machines are perfect for the attachment of decorative and functional tapes. Click here to see how the process of applying reflective tape for workwear is carried out.

Juki quilts home sewing best
Red and White - 21/02/19


Juki was proud to support the Polish Patchwork Association in the celebration of 100 years of Polish independence through the medium of quilting. Click here to see the designs and read about the competition.

Ispo sportwear sewing europe
ISPO 2019: Thank You - 15/02/19


Another year another successful ISPO. This year saw more exhibitors and visitors than ever before. Click here to read more

Juki sewing world skills best machines
Juki Partnership with WorldSkills - 25/01/19


WorldSkills is an international non-profit movement which aims to increase the prestige of working professions and skills development. Juki machines are used in the major competitions by the top skilled tailors.

Juki quilts home sewing machines best
A Portrait of Ms. Anna Sławińska - 18/01/19


Anna Sławińska - a quilter, teacher,  trained engineer and owner of the first School of Patchwork in Poland. Her school was founded in 2013 and is also a member of Polish Patchwork Association. Click here to read more about how Juki machines can be used to make truly unique quilts.

Juki simple series sewing machines price
Juki Simple Series Launched - 15/01/19


Juki is pleased to announce the launch of a new line of sewing machines - The Simply Smart Series. Combing premium Japanese engineering and an economical design the models in The Simply Smart Series line up offer users all the quality and precision one expects from a Juki machine head in a simpler form.

Janets deep dive
JaNets Deep Dive Series: Digital Sewing Systems Communication - 10/01/19


This write up is part of our JaNets Deep Dive Series, giving you bite size chunks of the world most advanced shop floor control system. With so many features it is not possible to put all information in one place - this time we will be looking at JaNets communication with Juki digital machines.


QVP SAI: 8-Needle Embroidery Machine - 29/11/18


Bring color to your world with the QVP SAI by Tajima. With the QVP SAI, embroidery enthusiast and professionals alike will enjoy an 8 needle operation that allows for multi-color creations with fewer thread changes. With the addition of 800 stitches per minute, your designs will quickly become a reality.

3 possition
3-Position Presser Foot for the DDL-9000C - 29/11/18


The 3-position presser foot holder for the DDL-9000C is an optional attachment that allows for the quick change over of presser feet. This innovative device allows for quick change over between different shaped presser feet making the DDL-9000C even more versatile.

Janets deep dive
JaNets Deep Dive Series: Line Balancing - 19/11/18


This write up is part of our JaNets Deep Dive Series, giving you bite size chunks of the world most advanced shop floor control system. With so many features it is not possible to put all information in one place - this time we will be looking at Line Balancing.

Sewing at ispo juki
World Class Sewing At ISPO 2019 - 15/11/18


Juki will once again take part in the ISPO exhibition in Munich this coming February 2019. The world leading event for all things sportswear will take place from February 3rd to 6th in Messe Munich. The Juki booth will be in Hall C4 stand 252

Juki coverstitch machine sewing

New MF-7500D-X83068 Coverstitch Machine - 29/10/18


Juki is please to introduce a new subclass that has been added the MF-7500 Series: The MF-7500-X83068. This new machine comes in a variety of different types but all have direct drive, a feature that previously was only possible on machine which also included thread trimming.

Juki show room industrial sewing machines
Juki ams with large hook industrial sewing machine
New AMS-210EN-1510-X90015 is Out Now! - 13/10/18


The AMS-210EN-1510-X90015 and AMS-210EN-1510-X90015-ECO are Juki's new computer controlled cycle sewing machines with a full rotary, 3-fold capacity hook. It is perfectly suited for the sewing of automotive seat belts, safty harnesses as well as a range of leather goods. This new subclass comes in two types, one being an ECO type with a simplier control pannel.

Sewing lab ukraine juki sewing machines
Juki Sewing Laboratory In Lutsk - 10/10/18


Juki have partnereed with Softorg to outfit a new sewing laboratory in the Lutsk National Technical University. With state of the art digital sewing machines our goal is to help promote the garment industry in the region and educate the next generation of fashion designers on the benifits of industry 4.0.

Automatic thread trimmer juki industrial sewing machine
Bra production juki industrial sewing machine europe

Lingerie Production with Juki Machines - 20/09/18


Lingerie combine comfort and durability with an attractive design. What makes them a difficult item to sew is the number of small functional seams that need to be invisible and imperceptible when worn. Click here to read about just some of the solutions Juki can provide.

Juki customer spotlight series industrial sewing machines julius k9
Panican cosplay juki sewing machines home made costum

Juki at Panicon Cosplay Event 2018 - 10/09/18


Last month Juki sponsored Panicon – a large cosplay event held in Kaliningrad, Russia. During the two-day show there were workshops organized to help teach people how to create their own costumes and accessories.

Juki customer spotlight series industrial sewing machines herno
Customer Spotlight Series: Herno Italy


Herno is one of Italia’s leading jacket producers and 2018 sees them celebrating their 70th year in business. They have been using Juki machines for decades, helping them realize some of the industry’s most well respected and sought after men’s and ladies collections going back to the 1940's.

Ms 1261 dws juki feed of the arm machine 3 needle digital sewing
Janets blog thumb juki shop floor control system
JaNets is Here - 29/08/18


Juki has developed a new state of the art shop floor control system to help your business become as effective as possible

Juki blog non sewing room bonding machines

New Non-Sewing Showroom - 27/08/18


Juki Central Europe is proud to announce that we have completed work on our new non-sewing show room and it is ready for you to visit!

Juki blog innotrans 2018 sewing machines
Juki at Innotrans 2018 - 20/08/18

This year will see Juki Central Europe attend Innotrans for the first time. With a exciting machine line up and new innovations to show this exhibition cannot be missed!

Juki 80th celebration warsaw poland 2018 party
Juki 80th Celebration - 10/08/18


On 19th of July 2018 in Warsaw, Poland we hald a very special event to celebrate 80 years since the founding of JUKI Corporation

Texprocess a
New juki devices

New Juki Genuine Parts and Devices - 04/06/2018


Click here to read about the latest Juki genuine devices and parts. You can find information about: DDL-9000C Optional Devices, Special Coated Parts, LK Button Clamp for the LK-1900 Series, Short Remaining Thread Kit and the Birds Nets Prevention Device.


PS-700 Straight Seamer - 04/06/18


PS-700 is a pattern seamer made to the quality standards Juki is known for. It is able to carry out pattern sewing of large products with flexibility and has achieved the industry's highest jump speed of 800 mm/s.

Lu digital
Juki thread tension monitor
Thread Tension Monitor - 15/03/18


The tension monitor measures the thread tension and counts the stitches during the sewing process. Once the sewing process of a seam is finished, the device gives optical feedback to the operator if the tension was within the set range of tension limits and if the correct number of stitches have been made.

Juki 80th celebration
JUKI is 80 Years Old! - 21/05/18


2018 marks Juki's 80th year since its founding in Tokyo, Japan. Over the past 80 years we have been leading the sewing machine industry, introducing much of the technology that has now become the standard. Take a look at the journey we have taken since our hummbl beginings.

Juex sfl 2000 automatic filter line
JEUX-SFL-2000 SERIES - 16/02/18


The new Smart Filter Line - SFL-2000 Series - has been developed in cooperation with some of the industry’s leading companies - Job Group, ACG Kinna Automatic and Juki. Job Group, a high-tech industrial company with decades of knowledge in filtration and technical textiles provided the industry insights needed for some of the innovations seen in the SFL-2000.

Juki charity
Sewing for the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity - 17/12/17


For the 26th Finale of the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity, Polish Patchwork Association and company Impall prepared a charity sewing of a patchwork cover bed with hearts. Later on the cover bed was put on charity auction, and all the proceeds from the auction were allocated entirely to the Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity.

Juki yound designers comp
Juki Young Designers Competition - 21/10/17


JUKI decided to participate in a local Lithuanian competition of young designers. We wanted to support young creative fashion designers in Europe, and give them the opportunity to show their creations to the world. The competition was really substantial with 15 collections presented and each with 5 up to 7 models.

Juki day warsaw 2017
Juki Day: Make it Yours! - 20/10/17


Make It Yours - a day of creative sewing on Saturday 28th October in Warsaw. All those who want to try their hand at sewing, learn new techniques and ways to create, talk to designers and sewing bloggers - JUKI invites you an open sewing workshop.

Digital sewing machines
AMS-251 Intro Website - 15/09/-18


We have put together a site specifically for the new AMS-251 turn-head machine so you can better understand all the new features and functions.

Kiev Fashion Review - 10/09/17


This year Juki Central Europe were very happy to take part in the Kiev Fashion exhibition with our partner Softorg. Click here to see how the show went.

Juki spare parts kits
New Juki Parts Kits - 02/09/17


Juki Spare Parts Department has put together the most used parts for some of our most popular machines so that its easier than ever to ensure you have the part you need when you need it.

Festival of quilts
Non sewing juki
Juki exhibition support
Juki club
Launch of the Juki Club - 20/07/17


Juki Central Europe have started the "Juki Club" to help inspire and educate people to the joys of quilting on Juki household sewing machines. Both online and in person the Juki club will assist and delight quilters, crafters, stitchers and fashion designers.

Juki slogan
Innovation with Our Best Global Support - 01/07/17


Juki has a new slogan - Innovation with Our Best Global Support. This new slogan better reflect the global presence of the brand and our commitment to providing the best service and machinery worldwide.

Juki smart devices

LU and PLC Series Smart Devices - 29/06/17


Smart devices created for the LU and PLC series of Juki machines allow for the increase in productivity and process efficiency. The stich-skip and bobbin thread remaining detectors help avoid wasted material and machine down time while the digital thread tension ensures are sewn seams are consistent.

Texprocess 2017
Texprocess 2017 - 15/05/17


Texprocess 2017 was the best let for Juki with more machines and visitors than ever before. Click here to get an overview of the show.

Real cost of spare parts
Real Cost of Fake Parts - 01/08/16


The cost of fake parts is more than you might think, please watch this video to see how Juki Genuine Parts can save your business money in the long term.

Juki ddl 9000 c
Launch of the DDL-9000C - 15/04/17


The DDL-9000C is a leap forward for sewing technology and the first really digital sewing system. No more manual adjustment is needed and through the use of NFC machine line updates are faster and more accurate than ever before.

Juki spare parts
New Web Parts List - 10/03/17


Juki Central Europe are pleased to announce that there is a new updated version of our web parts list available to use now. The new web parts list has been update to make it easier for you to find the information you need faster and in a friendlier format.

Jiam videos
Jce 10 year party
Juki spare parts packaging


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