• Juki Helps Celebrate Herno's 70th Anniversary


Herno is one of Italia’s leading jacket producers and 2018 sees them celebrating their 70th year in business. They have been using Juki machines for decades, helping them realize some of the industry’s most well respected and sought after men’s and ladies collections going back to the 1940's. Our close cooperation with Herno via our Juki Italia sales office in Milan has meant that we have been able to provide the support they needed when they needed it. This page will give you a brief overview of Herno, their history, products and what is it that makes them special to us here and Juki.

Herno   headquarters   1970 juki sewing machines

Herno was founded in 1948 in Lesa, on the banks of Lake Maggiore, by Giuseppe Marenzi and his wife Alessandra Diana. It was immediately after the war and Giuseppe, who found himself unemployed after several years working for aeroplane-producer Siai-Marchetti during the Second World War, applied for a new job in a raincoat company. Although there were no  positions  open,  he  was  hired,  as  waterproofing  cotton  required  castor  oil,  the  same  liquid  used  as  fuel  in  military  aeroplanes. Thanks to his experience in the field, Marenzi was able to obtain the raw material, allowing the company to not only continue production but increase it. From that job to the founding of his own company was not far off, as Lake Maggiore's extremely humid and wet climate  calls for well-made raincoats.



Raincoats, first  for  men  and  then  also  for  women,  were  the  foundations  of  the  first  Herno  productions. In  the  1960s cashmere coats were added while specialising in double face products; in the same period Juki industrial sewing machines were introduced into the production. The collection expanded in the following decade to include jackets, suits and dresses for women. In 1968 Giuseppe Marenzi became one of the first in Italy to expand into the Japanese market, inaugurating the first Herno boutique in Osaka. A few years before this Juki was one of the first Japanese sewing machine manufactures to enter the Italian market. The  1980s  saw  the  consolidation  of  the  collections  and  markets,  with  the  entrance  of  a  new,  strategic  market:  the  United States. The  company’s  craftsmanship  was  appreciated  by  the  big  brands  who  were  establishing  themselves  in  the  fashion  world and who decided in turn to entrust their production to the company in Lesa which was at this stage was using mostly Juki in its production.


2018 marks two important anniversaries for Herno. L.I.B.R.A.R.Y. is the installation inside the Leopolda Station that recounts the 70 years since its foundation and the 50 years it has been in Japan. L.I.B.R.A.R.Y is an acronym which embodies the Herno brand and concept of the installation: Let Imagination Break Rules And Reveal Yourself. In keeping with the brand's tendency to organise projects which, like its garments, cleverly combine practicality, tradition and innovation with a declared passion for artistic avant - gardism and patronage of young designers, L.I.B.R.A.R.Y. is a journey using archive content from the factory in Lesa. The installations were the work of students from the Polimoda and Osaka Institute of Fashion, put together with the help of Studio Azzurro. The combination of Italian and Japanese inspiration again echoes back to the companies relationship with Juki.

Juki herno sewing machines italy
Old herno collections juki sewing machines
Herno and juki

Our Italian sales team are working closely with Mr. Roberto Ferrari, the General Manager of Production in Herno, to ensure that they can continue to be the industry leader they are today with the help of Juki industrial sewing machine technology.  Over the years we have had a great cooperation with Herno and we here in Juki would like to congratulate them on reaching these prestigious milestones of 70 years in business and 50 years in Japan. We know that the next 70 years of Herno working closely will Juki will be another great success for them.

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