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The most important exhibition on the calendar for the Ukrainian market - Kyiv Fashion - was held from September 6th to September 8th. JCE, for one of the first times, took an active role in the support of our distributor Softorg in assisting them make this exhibition their best yet. Through consultation services on everything from booth design to machine layout and promotion. To providing branded decorations and furniture on the booth, Kiev Fashion is the perfect example how JCE working closely with our distributors can come together to make a great event.


The JUKI area of the Softorg booth occupied 45 sqm and we decided to present the most relevant machine for the market as well as some of Juki's newest innovations. This year the list of presented equipment included:


MO-6714DABE644H/G39/Q141 + T040








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Dsc 0040

The booth could be distinguished by its modern design with walls half a meter above those of all the other booths, thus making Juki and Softorg branding more observable to all exhibition guests.The design of the booth was executed taking into account signature features of the Juki brand, using Juki colors and style and highlighted features with LED lights and other custom elements.

Juki was able to provide a custom reception desk, electronic displays for machines and a demonstration stand for DDL9000C. We also installed a huge Juki logo hanging 6m of the ground making the booth noticable from anywhere in the hall.

All in all, Kiev fashion was a massive success for both Juki and Softorg. With over 10000 visitors over the 3 days there has been great exposure for both brands. The hard work that went into making the booth stand out was recognized by the exhibition organizers when Softorg received the award for best presentation at this year’s exhibition.

Kiev Fashion is a great showcase of what is possible if Juki and its official distributors work together. Through Softorg’s professional conduct and Juki Central Europe's support, whether consultation or providing equipment, this year’s exhibition was the best yet. Keep scrolling down to see more photos of the exhibition and booth.

If you would like to know how Juki Central Europe can help you get the most out of your exhibition presence, please get in contact with your local Juki representative or contact the JCE marketing department directly.

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