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Lingerie combine comfort and durability with an attractive design. What makes them a difficult item to sew is the number of small functional seams that need to be invisible and imperceptible when worn. What’s more, often the use of specific decorative details made from an extremely delicate fabric like lace make this item of clothing a complicated tailoring project.


JUKI cooperates with most of the well-known lingerie manufacturers whom have been using solutions dedicated to their industry for years. A machine that can produce durable seams on dainty material is vital; machines like the AMS-210ENHL2210 with can attach hooks and holes on bras or the LK-1900BBS which guarantees comfort for the wearer. Factories using JUKI machines avail of an improved lubrication system – where the oil is used in a closed cycle and fed only to the catcher mechanism (without lubricating the needle bar drive mechanism). This solution ensures no oil leaks from the upper part of the machine which often causes staining, virtually destroying this type of product.

Here is just a brief overview of some of the solutions Juki can offer in regards to the production of Bra’s and women’s underwear. 


Juki bra production

DDL9000CF (standard lockstitch machine can be used for various operations) - to join front cup lace center; to join front cup & side cup lace; to sew front & inside cup around; to join center & side panel; and much more. The DDL-9000C is Juki’s flagship lockstitch machine with digital functions but other reliable lockstitch machines can also preform these seams; such as: DDL9000B, DDL900B, DDL87007


MO6704DA0E4300 – is used to serge the inside cup top, to join front cup & side cup lace. Alternatively the MO6714DA could also be used for these operations.


LH3528AF – is used to tape the side/center panel and to attach wire tape.


LZ2290ASU7 (strong, elastic zig zag seam) - to join upper & lower inside cup with reinforcement tape (top & bottom); to attach bottom lace elastic to panel bottom; to attach upper lace elastic; to attach hooks. Other Juki zig-zag machines made specifically for lingerie production include the LZ2284A7


LK1900BNF (for reinforcement seams) – to bar tack wire tape center; to bar tack wire edges and adjusters. This model is able to create small, strong bar tack seams which are comfortable to wear – vital for this type of production

Ladies underwear production sewing machines

MF3620L200B60B (general seaming) - to provide joining seam without edges and also with good elasticity and strength.


MO6714DABE630P (for joining operations) – to close the sides of elastic materials. The MO6704DA0E4307 is also suitable for this operation.


MF7522E11B40/MD11/TC16- (flatbed cover stitch machine with right hand fabric trimmer and metering device) - to attach elastic or decorative tape on legs and waist.


LZ2290ASS7 (strong, elastic zig zag seam) – to join material for various operations.


LZ2282N7 – (machine with fabric edge trimmer) – for attaching elastic or decorative tape on legs and waist. Depending on the material to be sewn and the cut of the product the MF7522E11 might also be suited to these seams.


LK1900BNF – (reinforcement seams) to close the tape ends; to attach label.


Juki sewing machines are constantly improving so that they can meet the ever-changing requirements of the market and individual branches of production. As a Juki user you can avail of reliability, innovation, durability and the highest possible quality seams every time.

If you have a lingerie production or are interested in seeing how Juki can help you then please get in touch with us or with an official distributor.

Juki mannequin

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