• LU-2800V-7 Series: Now 1 and 2 Needle Versions Available

The LU-2800V-7 Series has been expanded to include a 2-needle version - the LU-2860V-7. The LU-2860V-7 is a semi-dry direct-drive, 2-needle, unison-feed, lockstitch sewing system with automatic thread trimmer and a vertical axis 2.0 fold-capacity hook.

Lu 2800v 7 series 1
Lu 2800v 7 series 2

The LU-2860V-7 is suited for the production of a wide variety of heavy duty products including car seats, sofas and bags. The LU-2860V-7 has a maximum stitch length of 12mm maing it perfectly suited to topstitching on furnature and seating. During the topstitching process the longer distance from the machine arm to the bed is a definit advantage as it makes operation and positioning of material much easier.

The direct-drive motor system has been adopted as well as thread trimming. As a result, the sewing machine starts up swiftly and promises increased stop accuracy.

When the standby switch is pressed, the sewing machine does not start unexpectedly even if the pedal is pressed. When the standby switch is pressed, operations through the operation panel, and with the machine  6-string switch and jog dial are also disabled, thereby allowing sewing-machine maintenance work such as threading, needle replacement, gauge replacement to be carried out safely.

Different parameters which traditionally have been adjusted manaually can now be edited and modified digitally via the touch screen panel. Once all settings have been established you can transfer all data to another machine in seconds with an Android device via NFC. This ease in setting up a machine and entire machine line can give a business the flexibilty that customers are requiring in todays market. The fact that sewing parameters are set numerically via the control panel mean all machines on a line will have uniform settings and small differences that happen due to manual adjustent are eliminated. The operation panel is also provided as standard with a USB port, data management and software update can be carried out with ease using a USB.

Lu 2800v 7 series 3

Needle thread tension can be set via the control panel and like other parameters can easily be transferred across a machine line. The active thread tension is carried out automatically ensuring the correct measurement is maintained throughout a seam. As well as digital control of the thread tension, the presser foot pressure can also be set via the control panel. Multi-layered section detection function detects changes in material thickness to increase/decrease the presser foot pressure accordingly.

For more information on this model please check the machine catalogue or visit the machine page on our website.

Lu 2800v 7 series 2ss


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