• LZ-2210-C: Digital Zigzag Stitching Machine

The LZ-2290C series has two specifications of full digital and digital. In the full digital specification, Vertical, Horizontal feeding mechanism are motorized to allow simplified parameter adjustments via the control panel. Feed timing which traditionally requires a long time to adjustment can be simply changed via the control panel. The sewing system also allows changes between material types (heavy and light) settings based on the process suitability. A fabric slip prevention setting on the feeding locus can be changed to further increase range of workable material.

Lz zig zag sewing texprocess

The LZ-2290C Series has been digitalized leading to improved  seam  quality  and  reduced  setup  time. Digitalization also enables production management by combining the JUKI Smart App with the sewing machine. This sewing machine is able to sew: zigzag stitches, scallop stitches, blind stitches and  various  decorative  patterns  at  the  maximum  sewing  speed  of  5,000  sti/min.  It is also applicable to the sewing of ladies' underwear such as stretch brassieres and shorts, and the top stitches on pockets and attaching labels on jackets. The sewing machine comes with as standard with 20 different sewing patterns built into the memory. In addition, it is able to store as many as 200 kinds of custom patterns such as decorative sewing patterns.
The LZ-2290C Series comes in two different types; full-digital type and digital type. The  full-digital  type  model  is  the  world's  first  zigzag  stitch  sewing  machine  that  digitalizes adjustments of the feed mechanism and thread tension.  Those adjustments that have conventionally been carried out manually are digitalized to facilitate setting through the touch panel. For the feed mechanism, the sewing machine is provided with three selectable types of vertical and  horizonal  feed  mechanisms;  standard,  soft  and  hard.  The  feed  mechanism  for prevention of material slippage has also been added. One of  the key characteristics  of  the LZ-2290C  is  its  rotary  system.  This  sewing  machine  is  the JUKI's first rotary type sewing machine that is provided with the thread tension control capability. The  needle  thread  tension  that  is  likely  to  change  depending  on  the  sewing  speed and the remaining amount of bobbin thread can be corrected automatically. In addition thanks to the newly incorporated multi-layered detecting function the thread tension can be set according   to   the  thickness   of   material   at   multi-layered   portions.   Digitalization   of   those mechanisms contributes to improved seam quality and reduced setup time.


Improvement of seam quality

Vertically-and horizontally-driven digital feed mechanisms < Full digital type >

The vertical and horizontal feed mechanisms are controlled by a motor. The sewing machine can be adjusted with ease via the operation panel. Time consuming changes in the feed timing are eliminated. Sewing data can therefore be set with  ease  to  provide  the  seam  quality  (soft, standard or hard)  that  matches processes. The feed locus can be changed to prevent material slippage, improving material responsiveness.

Active tension < Full-digital type >

The  LZ-2290C  is  the  world's  first  rotary  type  sewing  machine  that  comes  with  the  thread tension  control  mechanism.  Conventionally thread  tension  adjustment  has  been difficult when  the  remaining  amount  of  bobbin  thread  is low.  This  mechanism  provides  stable thread  tension  even  when  the  bobbin  thread  remaining  amount  has  decreased.  It is  also possible to correct the thread tension according to the sewing speed.

Multi-layered detection device <full digital>
The LZ-2290C is provided with the multi-layered detection device. Sewing conditions on a flat portion and that on a multi-layered portion of material can be respectively set. As a result, conventional problems that are likely to occur when sewing a multi-layered portion of material such as stitch gathering and loose stitches are be prevented.

Sewing of diversified patterns is possible
The  sewing  machine  is  provided  as  standard  with 20  patterns  of  basic  stitch shapes.  Sewing  patterns  such  as  zigzag  stitching,  T  stitching  and  pattern  sewing  can  be selected.

Lz 2290c series photo 4

LZ Digital Video

Full-color operation panel

Data and sewing machine management with IoT (Internet of Things)

A  "Two-way"  contactless  communication  for  parameter  adjustment  data  can  be  conducted with  the  sewing  machine  via a tablet or smart phone.  This  feature  allows  sewing machines  in  a  line  to  be  uniformly  set  and  their  status  checked  quickly. The control panel is standardized with USB ports promising simplicity in data management and system updates.


In  the  application  there  are  management  settings  (terminal  registration),  sewing machine data and a problem-solution chart. In the problem-solution chart, we can generate  production  graphs  the  availability  chart and more for  each sewing  machine so it can be used for checking the current

Lz digital sewing machine screen price

Improved work environment

LED light

The  LED  light  is  provided  as  standard  on  the  undersurface  of  arm  jaw.  In  addition  to  the conventional function  of  the  LED  light,  the  color  shade  can  be  changed  over  as  - white ⇔ neutral color ⇔ incandescent so as to help reduce the operator's eye fatigue.

Triple hand switch

The  triple  type  hand  switch  has  been  introduced.  The  switch  supports  many  different functions  such  as  touch-back  function,  mirror  function  and  multi-layered  portion  correction function.

Automatic OFF function of the operation-panel backlight

Back  light  of  the  panel  is  automatically  turned  off  in  the  case  the  operation  panel  is  not operated for a certain period of time.

Sleep mode

If no operation is carried out for a predetermined period of time, the power supplies to the motor, etc.

Hook timing adjustment mode

Hook  timing  can  be  safely  adjusted  while  leaving  the  sewing  machine ON  by  setting operation mode to the "Hook timing adjustment mode" on the operation panel

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