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AMS-224EN4530R / AW-3

Computer-controlled Cycle Machine with automatic bobbin-thread winding and feeding device.

This is the rotary hook type model which has been developed based on the AMS-224EN Series.
In addition to the shuttle hook type model which is favorably accepted by users, the rotary hook type model is newly developed. The rotary hook contributes to the achievement of soft-texture beautifully-finished seams which are required for bags and leather products. In addition, inner hook stopper is adjustable not only laterally but also longitudinally, thereby enabling accurate positioning of the bobbin case according to the needle count.

The machine not only achieves higher productivity due to instantaneous increases/decreases in sewing speed at the beginning /end of sewing and increased speed of thread trimming, but also achieves a flexible responsiveness to materials to promise enhanced seam quality due to JUKI's unique active tension and programmable intermediate presser.

Thanks to the adoption of the hook cover open/close sensor, the hook cover will never be left opened. As a result, a malfunction that the operator unintentionally touch the hook during machine running.

The automatic bobbin-thread winding and feeding device has been developed for the sewing machine as an option.With this device, the sewing machine responds to the sewing of various kinds of materials and stitch types while achieving an increased productivity.

The AMS-224EN4530R has adopted the rotary type hook. The automatic bobbin-thread winding and feeding device (AW-3) which is suited to the sewing of large articles such as car seats is optionally available. In the case of sewing large articles, etc, a large quantity of bobbin thread is consumed during sewing of one article. This means that replacement of bobbin frequently occurs. Since the AW-3 changes the bobbin automatically before the bobbin-thread runs out and bobbin-thread is wound during sewing, the operator is able to concentrate on sewing without worrying about shortage of bobbin thread. In addition, only two bobbin cases are required for sewing. As a result, burdensome control of bobbin thread tension and bobbin-changing work are no longer required, thereby contributing to increased productivity.

модель AMS-224EN4530R / AW-3
Применение Medium-to heavy-weight
Макс. скорость шитья 2,500sti/min* (stitch length 3mm or less)
Подъем прижимной лапки Lift of the feeding frame: Max. 30mm
Thread #50-#2
Needle Bar Stroke 41.2mm
Other Double-capacity rotary hook

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AMS-224EN4530R / AW-3

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