Asn 690 series

ASN-690 Series

Automatic Serging Machine

Increased productivity is required in the serging process. JUKI has launched its super-high speed machine developed in pursuit of simple-in-operation and ease-of-use. To fully support the operator so that he/she can carry out serging speedily, the machine comes in two different types; the long-table type and the short-table type which permits easy handling of the material.

Model name ASN-690
Application Serging of skirts, pants, jeans, etc.
Max. sewing speed 8,000sti/min
Max. stitch length 0.8~4mm
Needle DC×27(#11) #9~#14
Machine Head Type MO-6904S (Super-high-speed, 1-needle overlock machine)
Overedging Width 4.0、4.8、5.6
Differential Feed Ratio For gathering 1:2 (max. 1:4), For stretching 1:0.7 (max. 1:0.6)

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ASN-690 Series

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