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Computer-controlled, High-speed, Lockstitch, Button Sewing System

Users who are conscious about the finished quality of products manually nip, with scissors, the thread remaining on the material after thread trimming at the end of sewing. Now, the button sewing machine with the bird's nest preventing/shorter thread remaining functions saves such users the trouble of nipping the thread, thereby preventing the sewing product from being damaged by manual thread-nipping with scissors.

Management, browsing and editing of data can be carried out on the application software.Data on sewing machine adjustments made according to the product to besewn can be transferred to a commercially-available Android tablet in contactless mode. This enables quick check for uniform settings as well as confirmation of conditions of sewing machines in a sewing line, thereby facilitating setup changes.The operation panel is also provided as standard with a USB port. Data management and software update can be carried out with ease using a USB thumb drive.

Model name LK-1903BNB
Application Button sewing
Max. sewing speed 2,700sti/min
Max. stitch length 10mm
Needle DP×17
Needle Bar Stroke 45.7mm
Other Standard shuttle hook

Similar machines / additional functions


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LK-1903B Series

  • Fu2Automatic thread trimmer
  • Sh5Button sewing
  • DdDry-head and Intelligent Direct-drive Sewing Machine
  • S1Lockstitch
  • Fu1Active tension


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