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LK-1940 Series

Computer-controlled, High-speed Shape-tacking Machine

The following features promise improved sewing capabilities for extra heavy-weight materials: A high-power, direct-drive motor that drives the needle with increased material-penetrating force; a higher-torque stepping motor that increases the feed efficiency, and a pneumatic work clamp that increases the material clamping force.

Model name LK-1942HA LK-1942GA LK-1941ZA LK-1942ZA/5050
Max. sewing speed 2,200sti/min 2,200sti/min 2,200sti/min 2,200sti/min
Max. stitch length 0.1~10.0mm 0.1~10.0mm 0.1~10.0mm 0.1~10.0mm
Needle DP×17 (#18) #18~#20 DP×17 (#23) #21~#23 DP×17 (#25) #24~#26 DP×17 (#25) #24~#26
Number Of Programs That Can Be Input Max. 64 patterns Max. 64 patterns Max. 64 patterns Max. 64 patterns

Similar machines / additional functions

LK-1940 Series

  • DdDry-head and Intelligent Direct-drive Sewing Machine
  • Fe8R-0 drive
  • H1Horizontal-axis hook(Large)
  • Fu2Automatic thread trimmer


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