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Automatic 1-needle shoelace loop attaching machine

This automatic sewing machine attaches shoelace loops to the tongue section of sports shoes. Since the sewing machine is provided with an LED marking light (cross shape light), misalignment will not occur. Shoelace loop attaching process can be carried out in sequence, thereby realizing the industry's shortest cycle time.

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Automatic 1-needle shoelace loop attaching machine provided with a preset loader.

It's an automatic sewing machine which is ideally suited for sewing shoelace loops of sports shoes.

The AB-1360 attaches shoelace loops to tongue section of sports shoes.Since the sewing machine is provided as standard with an LED marking light (cross-hair), accurate positioning of shoelace loops is ensured at all times. This sewing machine is able to attach shoelace loops in a series of processes (cutting, folding and bartacking of shoelace loops), thereby achieving the industry's fastest cycle time.

With the AB-1360, not only shortening of time required for shoelace-loop attaching process but also labor-saving through elimination of preceding process (cutting of shoelace loops) can be realized. Furthermore, productivity can be substantially increased if the operator operates two units of the AB-1360 at a time. The sewing machine has adopted the electrothermal type cutter (heat cutter) for cutting shoelace loops, thereby preventing the loop material from fraying and achieving cutting of loops of constant length.

With the AB-1360, even an inexperienced operator is able to ttach shoelace loops only by placing shoe tongues on the sewing machine and pressing the switch. Length of shoelace loops and their folding length can be changed with ease through the operation panel. Constant-dimension loop cutting is achieved by the adoption of heat cutter. The AB-1360 has adopted, as its operation panel, the IP-420 which has a large color liquid crystal touch panel. With this operation panel, the operator can change the loop shape or sewing pattern.

JUKI's unique loop feeding/folding mechanism allows the sewing machine to produce beautifully-finished, stable-quality shoelace loops of constant dimensions (allowance amount).

The AB-1360 / CR-10A sewing machine with a preset loader automatically feeds shoelace loops and shoe tongues to the correct shoelace loop attaching position, thereby no longer requiring manual positioning of those parts. The sewing machine is an automatic machine which realizes full-automatic sewing while eliminating inconsistency in quality and sewing position faults caused by the operator.

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APW-895N & APW-896N

Lockstitch, Automatic Welting Machine

The machine supports the sewing of straight pockets (with flaps) on suits, jackets and pants. Double-/single-welt sewing can be changed over by the simple touch of a key on the operation panel. The "direct-drive motor", which transfers the motor power to the machine with no energy loss, not only offers economical benefits due to the power reduction, but also reduces the machine's vibration and operating noise, thereby helping reduce operator fatigue. The machine head is provided with a semi-dry head to eliminate staining with oil from the frame (the needle bar part). (APW-896) In addition to the APW-895's functions, the APW-896 supports the sewing of slanted pockets (for sewing slanted flaps). The world's first computer-controlled sidewise cutting position of the corner knives enables easy adjustments of the knives simply by operating the panel.

Ap874 photo 1 %282%29


Automatic Pocket Setter <For jeans>

AP-874S This sewing machine is a semi-automatic type pocket setter. The sewing machine has been specifically designed for sewing pockets which have been preliminarily folded in the preceding process on a predetermined location of the garment body without folding the pocket cloths.

Ap876 1


Automatic Pocket Setter <For jeans>

AP-876 The machine automatizes a series of pocket setting processes such as the folding of a pocket, placement of the pocket on a garment body, sewing, bartacking and stacking, thereby increasing productivity and achieving production without requiring the operator to have any special skill. This promises consistent finished quality.

Ab 1351


Automatic 1-needle Belt-Loop Attaching Machine

AB-1351 is the world's first belt-loop attaching machine with the ability to solely sew seven different belt-loop sewing patterns! The belt-loop sewing shape and sewing size can be easily changed through the operation panel.This machine not only reduces the time required for the belt-loop attaching process, but also achieves labor-saving, such as the elimination of the previous process (belt-loop cutting). Productivity can be dramatically increased when one operator attends to two AB-1351 units.JUKI's unique belt-loop feeding/folding mechanism helps achieve beautifully-attached consistent-quality belt-loops with constant sewing dimensions (amount of slack).



Automatic 2-needle Belt-loop Attaching Machine

The machine time is 1.2 seconds per belt-loop, which ensures increased productivity. The feed mechanism incorporates a computer-controlled X-Y method to allow the operator to change the number of stitches and sewing sizes.

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Computer-controlled, High-speed, Single-thread Chainstitch, Button-neck-wrapping Machine

The machine demonstrates the highest productivity among button-neck-wrapping machines intended for men's and ladies' outer wear. A single machine unit permits the quick changeover of types of buttons to be sewn, i.e., flat buttons, shank button, marble buttons and stay buttons with a onetouch utility lever.

Ac 172n 1790


High-speed, Computer-controlled Buttonholing Indexer

The AC-172N-1790 is the newly-developed next-generation buttonholing indexer, which comes with the highly evaluated high-speed machine head LBH-1790 and is provided as standard with the preset mechanism to increase productivity. In addition, called sub-clamp mechanism helps achieve both accurate and consistent buttonholing quality.

Asn 690 series

ASN-690 Series

Automatic Serging Machine

Increased productivity is required in the serging process. JUKI has launched its super-high speed machine developed in pursuit of simple-in-operation and ease-of-use. To fully support the operator so that he/she can carry out serging speedily, the machine comes in two different types; the long-table type and the short-table type which permits easy handling of the material.

Ae 200a


Edge Control Seamer

The AE-200A edge control seamer is now launched. The machine is configured with JUKI's unique sensor and manipulator-control mechanisms allowing inexperienced operators to join materials with defferent curves" with great finesses matching the finished seam quality of highly skilled operators. Sewing specifications can be quickly ond accurately adjusted via touch panel to meet the requirement of various design changes and which helps operators join materials nimbly and skillfully while enhancing productivity even in sewing processes for custom-designed articles in small lots.

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LK-1903 with ASK –A Button Feeder

Button Sewing with Automatic button feeder device

This model is capable of rapid operation while maintaining stability. Its user friendly design, intelligent monitoring and ability of adjustment make for a simpler operation.
•The automatic computer monitoring controls the precision of the sewing in real time.
•The LCD touch screen as an easy to understand interface
•The numerical control motor ensures precision in the button feeding.

Weishi a bf a


Automatic Back York Pleat Sewing Machine

This machine is capable of a wide range of stitch lengths that can be easily adjusted to suit the operators needs. This makes it suitable for children's shirts up to XL men's garments (700mm). There is also a wide range of operating speeds possible with the ABF-A model that can be easily altered depending on the fabric being sewn (6000rpm – 4500rpm). The process involves the yoke fabric being set at the rear of the machine with accuracy ensured by the holding device, they are automatically folded and the thread ends at the front and the rear of the fabric are automatically cut. Any residual fabric and dust is collected by the bed vacuum device. The finished sewn fabric is orderly stacked together with the placing frame device.



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