LU-2800 Series /JEUX0031

The LU-2800 Series long arm (JEUX0031) has been extended to add to the wide bed area, contributing to vastly improved workability. The machine arm has been doubled in length from 35cm to 1m making it perfect for sewing large objects usually to awkward to fit under a sewing machine head. The machine has a high-torque direct-drive motor which supports the sewing of heavy-weight materials. As a result, the sewing machine promises not only improved responsiveness and quick start-up, but also higher stop accuracy. The long arm model is also available with 1-needle as well as a 70cm arm length. Furthermore the adoption of a 2.7 fold capacity hook reduces the amount the bobbin needs to be changed and therefore increases productivity. This long arm model is only available from Juki Central Europe and is manufactured in the EU.

Lu 2266n 7

LU-2216N-7 & LU-2266N-7

Long-arm, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Large Hook

Based on the market-proven design of the LU-2210N-7 and - 2260N-7 Series, the LU-2216N-7 / -2266N-7 are developed with a longer distance from the machine arm to needle ... a full 650mm. The long arm unison-feed lockstitch machine with vertical-axis large hook with automatic thread trimmer is bestsuited to processes that require a longer distance from the machine arm to needle, such as reinforcement stitching and topstitching in tape attachment processes for sewing furniture or car seats.

Lg 158


Long-arm, Unison-feed, Lockstitch Machine with Vertical-axis Large Hook

With a generous 750mm of free space under the arm and powerful unison-feed that provides a maximum stitch length of 10mm, the machine delivers outstanding productivity when sewing heavy materials such as tents and sheets.

Tsc 461


Super-long Cylinder-bed, 1-needle, Lockstitch Machine with Large Shuttle-hook for Extra Heavy-weight Materials

It is equipped with a free space under the arm as wide as 950mm, which means that the machine is capable of sewing large materials, long-sized materials and tubular sewn products with ease.



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