• MF-7500-X83068 Direct Drive Coverstitch Machine Without Thread Trimming

Juki is please to introduce a new subclass that has been added the MF-7500 Series: The MF-7500-X83068. This new machine comes in a variety of different types but all have direct drive, a feature that previously was only possible on machine which also included thread trimming. The MF-7500-X83068 comes in two main types - high speed and dry head - making it suited to a wide range of production processes.

Juki coverstitch machine with direct drive motor
Semi dry head best sewing machine juki
No Stains

With the excellent functions inherited from the MF-7500D, the MF-7500D-X83068 is provided with a dry frame mechanism to eliminate the cause of oil stains. Stain removal or re-sewing work is subststantially reduced by protecting sewing products from being stained with oil, thereby improving the quality of finished products. Unlike conventional models, the oiling mechanism inside the frame has been eliminated. As a result, oil does not leak from the needle bar, presser bar or spreader shaft. The needle bar mechanism and spreader mechanism have been applied with a special surface treatment. This special grease treatment is used for lubrication.

Machine Features
Direct Drive Motor

The direct-drive motor system has been adopted by the high speed (MF-7500-X83068 and Semi-dry head MF-7500D-X83068) variants of the MF-7500 series machines. Up until now a direct drive motor was only possible on subclasses of this series in combination with a thread triming machanism. As a result the machine starts up swifty and promises increased stop accuracy. In addition the machine is no longer provided with a V-belt. Power is directly transmitted from the motor to the sewing machine. This sewing machine vastly reduces the power consumption.

Direct drive moter coverstitch machine juki best sewing machine



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