• New Digital Sewing Systems Arriving in 2019

Digital Machine Offer – Now with zigzag stitching machines, a post-bed sewing machine, a computer controlled cycle machine and a cylinder bed sewing machine.

Juki’s industry leading digital sewing systems offer has expanded to include four new machine types. All of these models have the features and functions all Juki digital machines are provided with: digital input and adjustment of sewing parameters such as stitch length, lotus movement, thread tension; touch screen etc.

LZ-2290-C: Digital Zigzag Stitching Machine

The LZ-2290C series has two specifications of full digital and digital. In the full digital specification, Vertical, Horizontal feeding mechanism are motorized to allow simplified parameter adjustments via the control panel. Feed timing, which traditionally requires long duration of adjustment, can be simply changed via the control panel. The sewing system also allows changes between material types (heavy and light) settings based on the process suitability. A fabric slip prevention setting on the feeding locus can be changed to further increase range of workable material.

Lz zig zag sewing texprocess
PLC-2700V-7: Post-Bed Sewing Machine

This new model PLC-2700V-7 digitalizes adjustment values required for sewing and easily transfers them to the main body of sewing machine by means of NFC for USB. Five adjustment values (stitch length, presser foot height, pressure foot pressure, alternate vertical movement amount of the walking foot and needle thread tension) required for sewing are full digitalized meaning no manual adjustment is needed. It is the most-advanced post-bed sewing machine available today and ideal for sewing of heavy weight materials.

AMS-224-F: Computer Controlled Cycle Sewing System

AMS-224F has achieved increased productivity with its maximum sewing speed of 2,800 sti/min and beautifully finished seams with its new feed control system. The active tension can be changed over with the memory switch between the low-tension side output and the high-tension side output to enable fine adjustment of the thread tension in the actual area of use. With the new IP panel the adjustments to the machine are easier than ever and when used in combination with the Juki Smart App machine parameters can be set in seconds.

LS-2328V-7: Cylinder-bed Sewing Machine

This digital sewing machine as a wide sewing area perfect for the sewing of bags and furniture. The machine inherits excellent operability of the predecessor model, and is provided with substantially improved workability and capabilities that are required for sewing large materials and extra heavy-weight materials. The digital functions are a match of the LU2800V7 series Juki realized in 2018.

Ls cyclindar bed sewing texprocess

As well as these new Juki digital machines there are previously available models for lockstitch seams (DDL-9000C and LU-2800V-7), button-holing (LBH-1790AB), Bartacking (LK-1900BN) and button attaching (LK-1903BN).

This digital sewing machines allow for more accurate adjustments to machine parameters than anything that can be achieved manually. This is combination with the ability to replicate of copy exact machine or material profiles means change overs are faster than ever and consistency across a line is effort less.

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