• New Juki Central Europe Industrial Sewing Machine Showroom

Juki Central Europe is proud to announce that we have completed work on our new industrial sewing machine show room and it is ready for you to visit. The new show room is a one-stop shop for all the new sewing technology Juki Central Europe is now able to offer. Now that the full range of solutions set up and available to use in one place it is the perfect place for you to test out the machines and see what they can do to give an edge to your production process. We have our resident experts on hand to provide detailed explanation and training you can be sure that a visit will be as valuable as possible.


Currently in the show room we have a variety of different machines available to test, from overlocks, lockstitch, coverstitch, computer controlled cycle machines and automatic solutions. All models are the latest in industrial sewing machine technology which promise deliver an edge to your production process.


If you are thinking about a new solution for your business this is the best place to visit and try out all the machines you could possibly need in one place. Juki Central Europe can perform sewing tests on your material even without a visit.  



Juki show room industrial sewing machines best lockstitch machine

The Juki industial sewing machine showroom currently has the following machines available for you to come see now:

Lockstitch Machines:
  • DDL900BS0BN-BB
  • DLU5494N7AS/X73202
  • LU-2810A-70BBS/SADE0052
  • LU-2828ESAL-7/Smart device
  • LU2810ESAL70BBS-BB
  • LU2868AD70BB/JEUX0031-100
Overlock Machines:
  • MO6716DAFH660H
  • MO6704DA0A4150-BB0
  • MO6714DABE630P-BB0
  • MO6814DBE630HDD4/T056A-BB0
Coverstitch Machines:
  • MF7523U11B56UT37-BB
  • MF7913DRH24E56K/UT56/MC37-AA1
Computer Controled Cycle Machines:
  • PS700SZZK-AA4
  • AMS210ENHL2210SZ5000D
  • AMS221ENTS3020/X90004-BB4
  • AMS221ENHS3020SZ5000NSF-BB4
  • AMS251HC10060RSZZNSH
  • AMS224ENHS4530RSW5000NSF-BBF
  • AMS210ENZL1510RZC/X90015-BBP
  • AST-210-1510/UK-XL400
Automatic Machines:
  • WS-8700
  • APW896NS12ZR2K-BB4
  • AB1351NSAA-BB4
  • ASN690LAFA8N-BB4
Button Holing Machines:
  • LBH1790AB-BB
  • LBH1796AS-BB
Bartacking Machines:
  • LK-1900BNB NFC
  • LK1903BNBS301-BB
Zig-Zag Stitching Machines:
  • LZ2290ASR7WBAK12
Cyclindar-Bed & Post-Bed Machines:
  • LS2342S70B-BB
  • PLC2760SCA70BB/X55321-BB3
  • PLC-2760RDV8-HMC
  • DP2100SZ-BB
Flatlock Machine:
  • MF3620L200B60B
  • JEUX0021 Pocket Creasing Machine
  • AMB289A-BB
Juki show room industrial sewing machines best sewing machines2

For more information:

  • Juki Central Europe Marketing Team

  • marketing@juki.pl

  • 22 545 04 00

  • If you have any questions or requests regarding exhibitions, promotional materials or Juki brand do not hesitate to contact our marketing team. To say up to date with the latest Juki news please subscribe to our Youtube Channel, follow us on LinkedIn and check our Blog!



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