• New Juki Genuine Parts and Devices

Juki Spare Parts Department is pleased to introduce a number of new items and devices for the DDL-9000C, LK Series and many other Juki models. As we are always striving to provide the best solution to our customers these new options will allow you to improve specific operations and functions of some of Juki best loved machine series. As well as these new parts we are pleased to introduce our new coated parts offer which can vastly extend the working life of some selected Juki genuine parts.



DDL-9000C Optional Devices


Juki's world class digital lockstitch sewing system now has optional accessories that can both improve productivity and stitch quality in Juki's world leading digital sewing machine. 10 different devices can now be offered from a micro lifting device for improved material feeding to 3 position presser foot which drastically widens the possible machine operations.

3 juki ddl 9000c optional parts
3.1 juki coated parts



Juki Coated Genuine Parts


Juki is please to now offer specialized coating for high use parts which increases the items durability and life time. This coating is applied to parts with the most wear-and-tear such as knifes, shuttles and hooks. Normally thick or abrasive threads with quickly damage these high use parts but with these coatings the damage is mitigated and the parts can is stay in operation far longer. Click the link above to learn more out what type of coating Juki can now offer on a limited number of spare parts.



LK Button Clamp Device


This is a kit for the conversion of the JUKI LK-1900 series bartacking machine to button sewing machine. By simply replacing the dedicated button-clamp unit and the feed plate the ordinary JUKI bartacking machine can easily be changed to a button sewing machine. Many advantages for this device include: responsiveness to different material thicknesses, strong pressure, different button sizes possible and good workability.

3.1 juki lk button clamp
3 juki short thread remaining kit



Short Remaining Thread Kit                                  


This simple kit reduces the remaining length of the thread at the end of the sewing process (after thread cutting) which can be attached to all JUKI LK-1900 series models. Shorter-thread remaining function is achieved by just replacing the needle plates with kit parts. The remaining thread length of 2.5mm or less is achieved through the use of the kit.



Birds Nest Prevention Device


This optional kit prevents bird nests at the start of sewing that are generated by the thread trimmer. The bird nest phenomenon caused by the surplus needle thread in the first stitch not only affects product quality but also causes a decrease in productivity (time waisted performing thread picking).

3.1 juki bird nest prevention device

If you would like some more information on these devices you can get in contact with your local Juki spareparts department  here or if you would like to inquire about a quote or to request a trail please get in contact with an office Juki distributor here.


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