• New Packing for Juki Genuine Spare Parts from Juki Central Europe

We would like to inform all Juki industrial sewing machine users and agents within the JCE sales territory that beginning from September 1st 2015 there will be new official packing for a number of Juki genuine spare parts. In recent years we have seen an increase in the sale of counterfeit spare parts which can result in damage to your Juki machine and hamper the quality of your products. We have initiated this new packing policy so that you can be sure that the products you use on your machines are only Juki genuine parts and not fake, sub-class goods.

Juki Genuine spare parts are made to the highest possible standard and are created with only the best raw materials. The shape, dimension, finishing and materials of all Juki genuine parts are rigorously tested to ensure end users have a product that will be reliable and durable even under heavy use.
For non-genuine spare parts this rigor is not present in the manufacture of the products. As a result the effects of using counterfeit parts in a Juki machine can include: poor sewing, decreased productivity, increased costs, reliability of factory output questioned and lose of Juki guaranty and warranty. To see a case study outlining the extra financial cost involved in using non-genuine parts please click here.

It is our aim to ensure your peace of mind that any spare parts you receive are genuine and the ability to distinguish counterfeit parts more easily. From now on only parts in this special packing can be judged to be Juki Genuine Spare Parts from an official distribution channel within the JCE territory. Not all Juki Genuine Spar Parts will have this new packaging immediately and you can find a full list of the first parts to receive this packing here with additional items to follow.


If you have any questions regarding the new packaging of genuine parts please contact a Juki Central Europe sale representative or your local Juki dealer.


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