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The JEUX-SFL-2000 Series is an industry leading solution for the automatic production of industrial filter bags on a variety of different media. The all in one solution can produce high quality and accurate seams to predefined parameters and optional modules allow for custom constructions that suit your production needs. The newest version of this automatic line will be presented at this years Filtech exhibition in Koln (hall 11.1 stand G1).

Media Rolls Section

The SFL-2000 Series comes with one media roll holder as standard but it is possible to have two textile rolls on separate shafts (Optional Module A). The maximum diameter of the rolls is 800mm meaning a wide variety of different media is possible. With a Juki MO-6903G head the machine allows to rolls to be joined while the machine is in operation. With no need to stop the line and the possibility to have continuous production allows for a high output without depreciating quality.

Filter media for woven filter bags juki

Sewing & Welding Section

The SFL-2000 Series can be build in 3 different subclasses: SFL-2000S for sewn seams, SFL-2000W for welded seams and SFL-2000SW for both sewing and welding seams. The custom pre-folding system creates the tubular form for the filter bag. S-seams or simple overlap seams can be created depending on your requirements. The Juki MS-1261A joins the filter tube with a three-needle chain stitch seam. For the SFL- 2000SW if sewing is not needed the head can be moved on Rolco rails allowing for only welding or sewing or a combination of both. An edge control system uses an Omron camera (Module H) that monitors the filter material movement. The exact center of the material is recognized and material feeding is adjusted accordingly.

Filter joining for woven filter bags juki

Cutting & Printing Section

The pair of rollers seen in this section constantly feed the material through the complete line. A buffer of up to 1.5 meters takes place to prevent stops in the line during cutting. An inkjet printer (Module E) can be used to apply additional information to the finished bag.

Barcodes, QR codes and product information can all be applied to finished bags without a slow down in the production line. A counter wheel measures the material is to the right length for cutting.

Filter printing for woven filter bags juki

Outfeed Conveyer Section

After the filter bag has been cut the material will automatically be fed out on an optional 4m conveyor. The conveyer can be extended in 4 m lengths. A pushing unit (module C) easily moves the material of the outfeed conveyor via a retractable arm. This module allows for the entire line to run automatically except for media loading.

Filter media automatic for woven filter bags juki

Optional Modules

There are a multitude of optional modules for the JEUX-SFL-2000 Series that can be added to suit your specific production needs.

Module table

For more information:

  • Bartek Dubelski

  • bartek.dubelski@juki.com

  • +48 600 298 070

  • Mr Dubelski is a Sales Manager in Juki Central Europe and responsible for the sales in some of Juki's largest European markets. Please contact him if you would like to purchase SFL Series machine or learn more about this model.



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