• PLC-2700V Series

The PLC-2700V-7 is the new digital post bed machine from Juki. With digital adjustments of all sewing parameters as seen in other Juki digital series machines this model is the most advance model in is class available currently in the market. Here you can read how this latest innovation can improve your production over night with reduced labor costs (operationally and technical calibration), increase quality and ensure consistency.

Digital Machine Adjustment

Digitalization adjustment made possible for core specifications such as thread tension, pitch length, sewing speed, presser foot pressure and alternating vertical movement. Crucial adjustment work are now made simple without excessive experience and skills while reinforcing high quality reproductions. Man-hours in setup changing and maintenance are substantially reduced. Password protection is introduced to ensure that alteration of settings by an unauthorized third party is prevented.

Active Presser foot

Presser foot pressure can be controlled, managed and set (numerical) digitally. Automatic detection or manual hand switch control can be selected to allow adjustments of presser foot pressure in response to a multi-layered section of material. When sensor detects a multi-layered section during sewing operation, system can automatically adapt to it by changing to other pre-registered setting (pitch length, upper thread tension, presser foot pressure and alternating vertical movement).The multi-layered detection threshold value is automatically calculated based on the measured value.

PLC Digital Video

Custom Pitch Settings

Functions such as automatic switchover of pre-registered patterns in a cycle operation (Cycle pattern, Polygonal-shape stitching) or Custom pitch composing for continuous sets of different pitch length are available for user convenience.

Mechanical Operations

A switch which allows a "One-touch" switchover of pattern and functions. In addition to the one-touch changeover switch to which any desired operation can be assigned, automatic reverse feed switchover switch and the needle entry alignment switch are also available.
Jog dial - Pulley rotates in correspondence to the dial. Lifting and dropping of the needle bar can be done without reaching out to the hand wheel. In addition, the dial works as the needle "UP/DOWN" correction switch when it is pushed.

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Plc smart devices


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