• Protective Product Series


We deliver solutions to help protect your work environment and upgrade your service


Bearing in mind the safety of your employees and guests, we have prepared a series of products that will help take care of your work environment for the current situation caused by Covid-19 and for the future. It is employer responsibility to make sure office equipment meets standards so workers, visitor and customers can feel comfortable and safe.


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Sfr 7000 dynamic


It is a New Era Access Control Device with a face recognition, a smart detection of a face mask and a temperature measurement.


This multifunctional device will help you ensure workers’ and visitors’ safety by temperature check-up but also can be used as access control. JEUX SFR-7000 in your front door, even behind the glass, will help you with visitor’s management and employees’ time attendance checking. The biggest advantage is that entire operation is fully contactless which meets the highest standards.


The device is a perfect barrier against seasonal diseases and epidemics which means it will be useful now, during Covid-19 pandemic, and as an invest for the future.




O3 dynamic


These are two sized Ozone Sanitized Cabinets effectively disinfects up to 99% of surfaces.


Ozone inside cabinets penetrates the fibers inside the fabrics, when it comes into contact with organic materials it triggers an oxidation reaction that inactivates all living microorganisms and eliminates bad smell. Regular and small cabinets are fully equipped with functional feature such as: Safety block for door opening, Total cycle counter, no active carbon filter, Small display status checking, timing and programs setting and more.


You can prepare your products for future sale or already sold items by sterilizing before shipment. Your customers appreciate your upgraded service and taking care of the safety.


Antibacerial Liquids

Gel dynamic


70% alcoholic cleaner with aloe vera extract and glycerin


Absolute must equipment for everyday care. Gels and liquids disinfect, without water, immediately killing bacteria. Aloe Vera and Glycerin ensures smoothness and hydration of your skin, which is sensitive and exposed to damage, due to frequent hand washing.


Product is easily applicable, conveniently spreadable and comes with various bottles’ option.



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