• PS-700 - Pattern Seamer

PS-700 is a pattern seamer made to the quality standards Juki is known for. It is able to carry out pattern sewing of large products with flexibility and has achieved the industry's highest jump speed of 800 mm/s. The material movement clamp is versatile and can be used with light to medium weight fabrics with a total weight of 10kg or less. The PS-700 can be easily programmed with Juki's PM-1 software and can also interpret DTX formats (after conversion). This page will give you an overview of the different features and advantages of PS-700 plus useful content to help you better understand its operation.

PS-700 Overview Video

PS-700 is a pattern seamer that is perfectly suited for businesses introducing automatic processes into their production. Its simple operation and programing means it can quickly replace processes currently being done manually. The large sewing area allows for large items or many small products to be sewing with ease.


The PS-700 is an extreamly versitile machine allowing for a huge variety of products and seams. To see videos of just some of the possibilities click here to be brought to the Juki Central Europe Youtube channel.

Unique Machine Features

  • Jump feeding can be performed at up to 50000mm/min. This improves productivity especially in long straight seams.
  • The active tension function provides the stable balanced thread tension even with differing sewing directions and material thicknesses.
  • The operation panel allows input directly at the machine and compatibility with Juki's PM-1 software makes for easy pattern creation.
  • The shuffler foot applies pressure on the cassette clamp as well as the material allowing for stable sewing, and as such, higher stitch quality.
  • The thread clamp holds the needle thread at the beginning of sewing allowing the remaining needle thread to be placed at the bottom side.
  • The barcode reader selects the sewing data automatically by reading the barcode attached on the cassette clamp. This improves productivity and avoids selecting the wrong sewing data.
  • Double capacity bobbin case reduces top times of machine to replace the bobbin cases dramatically. Double capacity bobbin case has a diameter of 25,6 mm (compared to 18,5 mm of the standard one). You can wind 92 meters of thread compared to 46 meters of a standard bobbin case (*with cotton thread 60#)
  • The clamp moving system is built for high durability and optimum performance. The axial rigidity minimizes the friction.
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PS-700 Advantages

  1. User friendly - means highly skilled operators are not needed even for difficult operations.
  2. Higher productivity - thanks to the high sewing speed and clamp jump speed. Estimated production for jacket quilting with 1 machine is 400 units per 8 working hours.
  3. High quality seams - due to the active tension function and thread clamp.
  4. Flexible pattern data - the machine can read the sewing programs in Juki's PM-1 format or DXF (after modification and via USB).
  5. Avoids loading mistakes -  thanks to clamp barcode reader (standard on the machine).
  6. Automation -  by adding optional accessories such as the remaining thread detector and automatic bobbin changer.
  7. Increased sewing duration - due to the double capacity bobbin case.


If you would like some more information on the PS-700 you can get in contact with your local Juki office here or if you would like to inquire about a quote or to request a trail please get in contact with an office Juki distributor here.


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