• Quick and Easy Reflective Tape Attachment

Juki is able to offer a complete range of press machines for a variety of different operations: from tape attaching to seam sealing to application of decorative tapes. Our machine offer comes in a variety of different sizes and shapes depending on your requirement. With an ever increasing demand for adhesive sealing and non-stitched finishing, these simple machines can add a new point of difference to your production no matter what it is you make. One of the key advantages of these machines comes from the fact that material handling and positioning require no skill and once in place the seam or tape will be finished to the highest quality.


Below you can see the operation for the attachment of reflective tape normally seen on workwear using our JEUX-CS-687 hot and cold press machine.

Heat press machines juki

JEUX-CS-687 Heat Press for Reflective Tape Attachment

The process for attaching the reflective tape is quick and easy, with a high quality and stable result every time. Normally when a lockstitch is used for this operation seam placement and quality can be an issue as an experienced operator is needed to ensure intersecting sections of the tape meet at the correct points. With the JEUX-CS-687 placement of the tape requires no skill and the result is consistent. The adhesive used for the tape will not damage the material of the garment meaning that this operation can be used on water proof or resistant materials.


Workwear production press machine juki2

The JEUX-CS-687 comes with 2 plates as standard -  a hot and cold. The hot plate can reach a max temperature of 260 degrees and can be set in intervals up to 999 seconds. The cold plate can be activated or deactivated as needed but when used it allows for a stronger solidification of the tape adhesive and allows for easier material handling - the garment can be handled immediately.

Many different presses in our line up can be used for this operation. If you are interested in adopting this technology into your production please get in contact with us or your official local Juki distributor.

For more information:

  • Maciej Winiarski

  • maciej.winiarski@juki.com

  • +48 22 5450439

  • Mr Winiarski is a Sales Manager in Juki Central Europe and responsible for the sales in some of Juki's largest European markets. He is also the Product Manager of Non-Sewing Solutions and in-house expert for Juki's welding, bonding and sealing solutions. If you would like to arrange a visit to Juki Central Europes new Non-Sewing Showroom or to send your own material samples for testing please get in contact with Maciej.



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