Juki Genuine spare parts are made to the highest possible standard and are created with only the best raw materials. The shape, dimension, finishing and materials of all Juki genuine parts are rigorously tested to ensure end users have a product that will be reliable and durable even under heavy use. Each genuine spare part is created based in the specification and accumulated experience of Juki technical staff who work to create the machine the part will be used for in the first place. The proper material for each part is specially selected and tested before being standardised; this means a genuine part maintains the exact quality and accuracy no matter the piece. Finally Juki genuine parts are inspected and compared against the pre define specification outlined to ensure the best possible performance.

The effects of using counterfeit parts in a Juki machine include: poor sewing, decreased productivity, increased costs, reliability of factory output questioned and lose of Juki guaranty and warranty.

  • Non-genuine parts are not put through the same conditioning and testing resulting in a subpar material that will result in poor sewing. A difference in the parts shape and finishing can drastically effect the machines operation and result in skip stitches among many other issues. None genuine parts will become dull much quicker due to the cheap material they are made from (e.g. Upper Knifes) resulting in a poor finished product. The short life span of the non-genuine parts means they need to be replaced more frequently and can actual cost a factory more in the long run.


  • One of the biggest consequences of using none genuine spare parts is a decrease in productivity. These counterfeit parts will case more machine problems depending on the specific part in question e.g. skip stitches, slower feeding of the material and inconsistent stitches. As a result, any investment saved on the individual part will be counter-acted by the loss of money from the fall in productivity. To see a case study outling exactly how much using non-genuine parts can cost on a businesses please click here.


  • More machine down time due to problems caused by none genuine parts will result in an increased cost for any factory. Inconstant and skipped stitches mean more output is not usable and results in a waist of both time and material.


  • Reliability of a factories output can be questioned if they are producing products to a lower quality due to the use of none genuine parts. More costly than the wasted time and material mentioned above is the effect poor production can have on a factories reputation.

If a non-genuine spare part is used in a Juki machine and causes wider problems with the machine it will affect the customer guarantee offered by Juki and will void the machines warranty.


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