• Thread Tension Monitor

Juki Central Europe is pleased to introduce our new tension monitor. Often the thread tension needs to be checked and adjusted when sewing medium or heavy weight materials and thicker threads. The tension monitor measures the thread tension and counts the stitches during the sewing process. Once the sewing process of a seam is finished, the device gives optical feedback to the operator if the tension was within the set range of tension limits and if the correct number of stitches have been made. 

The monitor shows a green or red light depending on the evaluation of the stitch tension and/or numbers of stitches. This can be especially useful when connected with an AMS machine that you want to ensure achieves a minimum amount of stitches within a seam.

If this is used in combination with the digital tension smart device for the Juki  LU-2800 Series and PLC-2700 Series the tension monitor becomes an active tension device. This means that the tension of the machine is automatically adjusted to stay within the limits that you set in the tension monitor. Hence the stitch quality stays the same throughout the entire sewing process.


If you would like more infromatiion on this device or to get a quote please contact Juki Central Europe sales staff or you local Juki distrobutor.



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