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Connecting machinery and equipment to the Internet has been achieved in many areas of everyday life and Industry 4.0 is becoming a reality in most production types across the globe. Juki is ready to help the sewing industry meet these new requirements and take the next step together with you. We are now able to offer Smart Factory solutions which combine the latest sewing machine innovations with networked systems to connect a productions many different aspects.


The two essential elements in that makes up a Smart Factory are visualized data and connected processes.

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A huge amount of vital information is lost when sewing in a traditional sewing factory. Management know their business but detailed statics on output, operation rates of equipment bottle necks in a production flow can be difficult to see before there is an issue that needs fixing. A Smart Factory is on that collects this information and can visualize it in a clear and effective way so that key decision makers have sight of where to improve production. If a factory wants to improve its productivity or see where it is losing efficiency then the necessary KPI’s are at their fingertips.



In our digital age instant communication is the norm and it should be no different in a sewing factory. Huge amounts of time are lost in all production types trying to get the right information to the right people in a timely manner. A Smart Factory is one that has its staff and equipment connected though the full production flow and even up the supply chain from supplier to buyer. Collaboration with factories is made easily with the integration of data from a buyers supply-chain software. This helps a factory integrate more efficiently adding value at all times.

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Automatic machines allow for higher productivity while also delivering better quality. Juki is the industry leader in automatic sewing solutions and we have machine for both general process automation such as the AMS Series and PS Series as well as specific operations such as the APW-895N and AC-172. A Smart Factory is one that relays on intelligent machinery to deliver result that cannot be achieved by human operators both in terms of output and consistency.


The AMS-251 and AMS-252 are turn head sewing machines which promise high-quality seams even during difficult sewing operations. The machine head turns to face the direction of sewing meaning that each stitch maintains a consistent appearance, no matter the direction. To achieve the same result with manual operation is nearly impossible and to come close sewing speed needs to be reduced to a crawl. The AMS-251 used in combination with Juki's image recognition system tracks seam placement on perforated leather making live corrections to the stitch location ensuring that seam allowances are maintained reducing waste.

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What are juki digital machines

Juki has been at the forefront of digitalization in the sewing industry, rolling our this innovative technology across many of our famous models. From the DDL-9000C 1-needle lockstitch to the LBH-1790AN button holing machine we have a digital machines for all production types. The advantages of a digital machine over a traditional industrial sewing machine are many. With all sewing parameters available to adjust numerically a factory can ensure that a line has consistent settings even on factors that normally are impossible to match across exactly across machines such as thread tension. The digital setting of parameters also significantly reduced set up times as adjustments can be copied to multiple machines via USB, the Juki Smart App or over a network (using Juki’s JaNets system).

The LU-2800V Series is Juki’s heavy duty one and two needle digital lockstitch machine. This model has  a material thickness sensor which automatically detects a change in material thickness and adjust the machine settings (such as thread tension, movement of the feed-dog and stitch length) to ensure seam quality is consistent.





The last step in a Smart Factory is to Network the machinery so that communication and processes that have always traditionally been done manually are now digital. This networking can be achieved with our JaNets System. JaNets is an extremely powerful tool with a huge amount of benefits, including: line balancing, communication with sewing machines, and maximizing efficiency to name a few.

JaNets tracks, monitors and visualizes an entire factory allowing management and staff to have the information they need to make the correct decisions fast. This innovation is one of the largest leeps forward in sewing technology to be seen in decades and instantly adds value to any sewn production.

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What Is A Smart Factory?

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