The Juki Brand

Juki is a world leading brand in the manufacture of sewing machines for the industrial and home sewing machine markets. Juki Corporation, the parent company of Juki Central Europe Sp z.o.o, has been a pioneer in sewing machine technology for over 80 years. The firm supplies more than 170 nations with sewing equipment and related products and with established logistic networks we have the ability to supply the world with the best quality products. The Juki Corporation headquarters are located in Tokyo, Japan, with subsidiaries worldwide assisting in its sales, logistics and technical functions.


The firm’s insight into the world of sewing machine manufacturing began with home machines in 1947 from which we progressed to basic industrial machines becoming the world leader we are today. Through the years keeping in tandem with advancing technologies Juki has developed state of the art electronic units and automated sewing systems in use the world over.


The Juki Sewing Institute assists apparel manufactures in improving productivity, developing highly efficient production systems, and improving the work environment. These services are provided to help all manufactures using Juki machines to glean the best productivity and work environment possible.

Juki’s slogan: “Smart Solutions” reflects the global philosophy of providing customers with the highest quality products and services according to their specific needs. Juki has committed itself to creating products from the customers view point in the conviction that we can learn from each other to created new value.

Juki’s corporate philosophy is:

  1. The men and women of Juki work hand in hand to spread happiness and enrich society.
  2. Juki technologies are constantly evolving and creating new value.

For information on the Juki logo and slogan please click here. You will be able to download the official Juki logos in different formats as well as documents on the use and procedures for correct presentation.


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